Joe Kilbride is a practical, results-oriented consultant who supports clients through advisory services, organizational change or improvement projects, and training. Key services are summarized below.

1. Road Map for the Baldrige Journey – A step-by-step process that allows organizations to effectively and efficiently use their state’s Baldrige-based award program and the Criteria for Performance Excellence® as they design and implement their organization’s customized operating model for excellence. The approach described is based on Kilbride's book Road Map for the Baldrige Journey, (c) 2015 ASQ Press. 

2. Organizational Change Management/Improvement – Using a three-phase, iterative approach to design and implement interventions that allow clients to achieve and sustain major change. Kilbride often partners with his friend and colleague Jeff Chan for these projects, which may involve:
  • ♦ Major change initiatives - Often driven by the need to implement information systems such as ERP or HRIS; to respond to changing regulatory requirements; or to restructure an organization to better align with strategic direction.
  • ♦ World class transformation - Implementation of Lean systems to transform an organization's culture and build its capabilities in a progressive and sequenced fashion to become world class.
  • ♦ Focused improvement - To achieve significant improvement in an organization’s key business results. The approach could involve facilitation of a project team assigned to achieve the goal, or through a learning-doing intervention designed to simultaneously build capabilities, achieve measurable improvement, and monitor the results. Examples of accomplishments using learning-doing interventions include:
⇒ Trained improvement teams in one large service organization that collectively generated savings estimated at over $50 million during an 18-month period.
Trained newly appointed quality directors of a global manufacturer who led improvement efforts in their respective business units that generated over $350 million in enhanced profit

3. Leadership Team Guide - Participate in monthly meetings with an organization’s Leadership Team to support and facilitate their efforts to develop strategies and plans, deploy key goals, and review and improve organizational performance

4. Training for leaders and managers in key competencies including strategy development, planning, idea generation, decision making, measurement/data analysis, problem solving and process improvement. The training provided is often based on the Methods for Improvement Consultants.