A Blueprint for Excellence is a whitepaper that introduces leaders to the process for using the Baldrige Criteria as a blueprint to design and implement their own customized operating model for performance excellence. Clients of Kilbride Consulting, Inc. are also provided templates that leaders can use to accelerate the effort to define or design their organization’s operating model.

Blueprint for Excellence

This is the first Chapter from Kilbride's book Roadmap for the Baldrige Journey (c) 2015, ASQ

Chapter 1 - Road Map for the Baldrige Journey

Methods for Improvement Consultants
  • ♦ Clients of Kilbride Consulting, Inc. are provided access to Kilbride’s 355 page Methods for Improvement Consultants, a fully hyperlinked resource that provides step-by-step instructions for 88 methods to improve the quality of teamwork and meetings, to clarify messy issues, to develop plans and ideas, to make decisions, to gather and analyze data, to solve problems and improve key processes.
  • ♦ The Methods can be used as “building blocks” for rapidly developing interactive training for managers and teams. Not only can the methods reduce the time to develop training, their step-by-step nature makes it possible for participants to learn and apply the thinking processes embedded within the tools.
  • ♦ The Methods provide opportunities for practical application of the types of knowledge and skills that are often the focus of management or executive development programs that seek to develop competencies in areas such as:
    • Innovation
    • Decision making
    • Teamwork and collaboration
    • Problem solving
    • Process excellence
    • Goal setting
    • Action planning
    • Contingency planning
    • Collection and analysis of data
    • Managing change
    • Managing conflict
    • Managing meetings
    • Listening skills
    • Project management
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Following are links to excerpts from Methods for Improvement Consultants
Below are brief 1-2 page thought papers on a variety of topics.